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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 6am  ABC  January 14, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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right now latest news this morning, the hearings today that could have a major impact on the 2 high profile death sentence cases here in florida. yes, breaking news. look at that crazy crowd. california store selling a winning powerball ticket the question is will that seem be repeated in central florida. how much of that $1.5 billion jackpot is headed to the sunshine state. 6 am, get up, call your friends and neighbors and parents and cousins, somebody won in florida. >> i'm a little bit excited. >> they have not checked numbers but we did.
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>> keeping in touch. >> getting over to you wayne storms are on the way. >> a look at daytona beach, 48, was of the north northwest at 5. what is going on now, it is chilly . still jacket weather. go with pants instead of shorts. upper 40s, 49 in sanford and every. seminole, volusia county, 50 now kissimmee 55 degrees cocoa in cocoa beach. plenty of clouds with us again. mostly cloudy skies today mainly dry during the day. look at your plan it. up on the screen. winter springs, 63 at noon, 67 at 2:00 in at 4:00 and mid 60s at 6:00. milder than yesterday. tonight we will see the threat of storms picking up. we was see them starting to roll in. you see on future track as soon as midnight we will see around of rain and storms isolated severe weather threat for tonight and tomorrow. we will go over the chance for
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checking the drive with deneige. >> checking totals 408 470 looking good about directions on both of the toll roads but we did have a crash pop-up in the ucf area. science drive, alafaya trail where troopers and orange fire rescue and sheriff's office on scene clearing the crash. know what of a roadblock. breaking this morning, as i mentioned, a little excitedly earlier, someone in florida is waking up a lot richer. >> and they are excited. one of 3 lucky people to split the biggest powerball jackpot in history. kimberly eiten is live with the lottery local office. we are waiting to see if that is with a winning ticket will be cashed in. >> reporter: the winning ticket is only about 7 hours old so we are waiting to find out where it was sold. we know that whoever has it is going to take home a piece of that. the 1.5 a piece of that. the $1.5 billion price.
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>> the celebration has started inside this california seven11. someone bought the 6 luckiest numbers to ever be printed on paper. but that lottery winner will have to share their 1.5 lottery winner will have to share their $1.5 billion jack hot with at least 2 other ticketholders. one in tennessee and the other in florida. >> you cannot win if you do not play. you just need one. that's all i got. >> yesterday ahead and other people around the state were hoping to turn a $2 ticket into a fortune. overnight lottery officials confirm that one florida resident did. now people are clamoring to the state lottery website to see if they might be that winner. so many that a message on the page says it is experiencing a heavy demand for winning numbers. this morning we are still waiting to hear from officials where the numbers were sold and
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sold and how much. >> reporter: only one florida resident will take home a piece of that jackpot. 11 others won $1 million and one person would take him $2 million or 30 people overall in florida waking up millionaires this morning. live in seminole county, kimberly eiten, eyewitness news this morning. get out your tickets, another chance to look at the winning powerball numbers. they are again for, 8, 19, 27, 34 in the powerball 10. we posted the winning numbers online. double and triple check especially if you bought a lot. go to facebook .com/ wftv. the building of volusia county, in a few hours we will find out how supreme court ruling could impact the case against the man accused of killing his wife and her 2 children. eyewitness news this morning janai norman joins us live in the studio. the ruling could wipe out florida's death penalty having a big impact on the case against luis toledo. >> reporter: before the hearing
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a death sentence when he stand trial for his wife and her 2 children. but now that is likely changed. >> we're finding out this morning, admiral the hearing to discuss the supreme court ruling on florida's death penalty. within hours working to find out what that means for capital punishment. >> we have to adjust and modernize our death penalty system so it comports with what the supreme court has said. >> reporter: for now it is likely the 390 current death row inmates will not face death. we will find out what that means for toledo whose trial is scheduled to begin tuesday. it is possible the state could still go for the death penalty. wftv legal analyst melvin perry says in future trials, jurors will now need to vote yes or no to a list of aggravating factors that need to be present to apply the death penalty.
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be asked, do you find this murder to be heinous, atrocious, and cruel. >> reporter: we told you last month a judge agreed to move toledo's trial out of volusia county. we will keep you updated with what happens in this morning's hearings starting on eyewitness news at noon. the orange county man who was sentenced to death for killing a 19-year-old to keep him from testifying in a home invasion case will be back in court today. back in november okafor was given the death penalty for murdering alex saldivar in 2012 that his state could also be changed because of the supreme court ruling. more on what is expected to happen in court today coming up in 30 minutes. developing and brevard county, and incredibly sad story. a cocoa team has been charged with 2nd degree murder in the death of his 20-month-old sister. deputies tell us noah walls hit the toddler on sunday. investigators are the toddler then fell.
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caused the little girl's death. deputies say the team had been caring for the child a lot. we asked deputies about a possible motive. >> something frosted him to the point where he struck the child. >> we are working to get in contact with the teenagers parents to see if you have a comment and we reached out to dcf and are waiting for response. school start times could change orange county students. district leaders are holding a work session today to go over all of the options. last september several proposals were discussed including starting high school times one hour later this afternoon the meeting will be other one of our educational leadership center on w. main st. at 4:30 pm. this morning the orange county school board expected to break ground on a new school providing relief for an orlando elementary school. the new school on millennium boulevard near south don't -- john young parkway a debate in south carolina with the iowa caucuses a couple weeks away, the presidential candidates are not holding back. ted cruz is leading donald trump in the polls in iowa but
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he sent out a tweet questioning whether his canadian born opponent in the police service president. senator crews is firing back. >> it seems the hillary folks are very eager to support donald trump and the attacks that are being tossed my direction. >> on the democratic side, bernie sanders has the lead over hillary clinton in iowa and he says he cannot let up it meanwhile clinton's campaign is going after sanders on a number of issues including gun control. remember you can always get the very latest news on all of the 2016 presidential candidates by dulling our free wftv news app. a sinkhole middle school substitute teacher accused of having sex with a 14-year-old is back behind bars and will not be getting out anytime soon. 35-year-old sarah more was arrested earlier this month accused of having sex with a 14- year-old student. she was rearrested tuesday night after police say she visited a verizon store while on bond and asked employee how to remotely delete evidence on
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>> the state has produced and shown to me a statement made by the clerk saying that she wanted to delete stuff off of her phone because she was in trouble with the cops. format told police he was just tried to delete information on her daughter's phone and denied doing anything wrong. police have her phone but somehow the passcode was reset while she was on bond. a bill about water that was 2 years in the making is expected to be taken up by the florida house today. the proposal would said waterflow levels for the state's natural springs and guidelines for the central florida water initiative that is a regional water supply planning effort. it has passed the state senate and the measure has also faced opposition from environmentalists who say it does not go far enough to ensure clean waterways. 6:09 am. checking weather and traffic every ten minutes. big changes on the way, yes. >> highlighting this all week with a chance of rain and storms in the forecast today,
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60 percent chance of rain tonight. have the weather app and weather radio for tonight. we will be here stat tonight and tomorrow morning for that threat of severe weather. again into tomorrow, 80 percent chance of rain and storms. severe weather app has a five- day forecast, live radar so you can track the storms with us but also in alerts tab. so if any watches are warnings are issued toggle them off and on. the outlook today, in orange county, for this morning, 50 now colonial town downtown orlando. for -- sween to volusia county, 43 deland i'm samsula daytona beach ormond by the sea, all in the 40s. it is a chilly this morning. cool today with highs in the 60s and plenty of clouds. coming out new information with future track and how the system will impact us all the way through tomorrow. we will go over the severe weather threat ahead. 6:10 am. deneige. >> in the last 10 minutes a crash popped up near disney's caribbean beach resort.
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there is a crash locking a portion of the road through there. keep that in mind if you are near the area and science drive, alafaya trail near ucf a crash orange county fire rescue is on scene but at this point, there -- on not indicating shutdown of lanes. construction continues on a new soccer stadium in downtown orlando. why the team is making a big decision about when it will start playing in the new stadium. the expensive projects the city of daytona beach says will attract tourists to the world's most famous peach. security changes coming to disney world.
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good morning. 6:14 am.
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it is an exciting places one because this is the local district office for the florida lottery pick this is a seminole county. we are waiting for lottery officials to announce where in florida someone won a piece of that powerball jackpot. we will keep you updated on the story all morning. lake county leaders are considering turning to residents of the counties fire rescue department. along with replacing all fire station, union leaders claim the department is understaffed and not meeting some national standards. the chief says the economic downturn was top and the fire department is just now bouncing back. >> we are climbing out of that where we can get some funding to do some things and make improvements. >> stations are older and originally built for volunteer --'s verified chief says the department is doing a good job with a response in help of mutual aid. assistant orlando fire chief cleared of wrongdoing in the cheating scandal involving orange county fire rescue. 5 orange county firefighters
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investigators say they cheated on an exam to become certified in pediatric advanced life support. orlando assistant chief smith was implicated initially but investigators did find sufficient evidence of involvement. daytona beach mayors that progress is being made on several major projects in the city mayor derek henry is making the rounds and spoke to members of the local hotel and lodging association yesterday. he highlighted projects such as the speedway renovation a new outlet mall in street improvements despite that henry says there are still challenges ahead including handling outstanding liens on each properties. daytona rising project has one more big milestone ahead before it is finished. >> look at the pictures picked officials got the green light to start moving chairs and other items into the new stadium.
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will be installed next week. after 2 years of iterations, the $400 million project will it fell. the city said all priority one and 2 trees have been removed and they gave us 1000 pages of documents. the next time you take a trip to walt disney world, you may see changes in security. last month we showed you disney's sea world and universal the parks in orlando. disney has been using a private firm as a part of the security and hiring its own security officers and running operations in-house. here is another example of how they want to control people who are working in the park in order to provide the guest
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>> disney says animal kingdom has transitioned to the in- house security. the other parts will follow sometime during the next month. 6:17 am. a lot to talk about. changes on the way and some storms could be severe. >> we will watch out for the isolated severe risk for tonight. including tomorrow morning at this time, through the day tomorrow. highlighting this all week. is a look in downtown orlando. first things first, right now it is chilly. 48. grab your jacket. winds out of the north 7 miles an hour. the chill is on. 30s around not as many but ocala anthony. 50s and palm coast. 40 daytona beach, ponce inlet 49 titusville merritt island and mims this morning. chilly along the coast. clouds around and we will see that today they built yesterday pleasant and dry. 63 and noon and a touch milder. low 60s yesterday. today more in the way mid 60s, 67 by the time we hit 2:00.
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10 am, timeframe type right corner of the screen. the extra cloud cover with us today but we are merely dry if you have outdoor plans on working outdoors today. 6:00, lucy tom terry you may run into a brief shower in the southern zone. tonight, midnight, you see. the rain and storms in intervals of rain and storms tonight and tomorrow and in them as they come off the gulf of mexico in an el nio pattern, we will watch out for signs of rotation and very gusty winds. this is 5, a line of rain and storms blowing through. final kick with the storm system tomorrow. 2:00, around of rain and storms is possible as we head through the early afternoon. severe weather threat, a flight tornado risk which is why we will be here 24 7 for you. we could have winds gusting over 50. that could lead to win damage across central florida. in the 60s today.
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cloudy and 68. tonight rain and storms weather severe weather threat continues tomorrow. not all day but still a chance for stronger storms. five-day forecast, transcend -- where the weekend is always in view, saturday in between systems so that soundtrack 74, better chance of rain 50 percent chance right now 67 in weather. monday, we will struggle to get to 60 degrees. 6:20 am. the nation. >> -- deneige. >> the three-way bonavista drive, we have a lane closed ucf you have a crash science drive alafaya trail, troopers have not indicated if this is blocking lanes but keep it in mind if you are leaving in that direction.
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we have not his shoes eastbound or westbound along i-4 fairbanks, traffic heading toward seminole county. i will let you know if something pops up. nancy? a road and volusia county closed while workers get ready to repair the historic arches and holly hill. a car slammed into one of the arches in october a car slammed into one of the arches in october 2014. the volusia county council set aside $130,000 to stabilize the arch. part of the street will be closed next month where the arches were once part of riviera hotel a gift is causing controversy and problems. what a family says happened to a hoverboard the first time they plugged it in. 3 new millionaires this morning thanks to the powerball. what we know about a ticket sold here in florida and how much they will get. >> it has to change fast. >> standoff in port orange over raises 4 police officers.
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6:24 am.: volusia county portland police officers are making a public demand for more races. the officers paid to have messages put on a billboard
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respond, last to get paid. the city has offered a 3 percent raise over the next 2 years and 6.5 percent increase for officers that are starting ask -- >> stop playing games with officers if you do not pay them enough they look for other jobs and other city sex a special magistrate judge could be forced to decide the issue sometime in the next few months. researchers say they are filing a report of the mains of 51 people found in a close reform school in florida. the researchers from university of south florida dug up the bodies buried at the arthur g dozier school for boys in marietta in 2013. the school closed in 2011. some claim the bodies belong to children who were abused and died at the facility. the report should be sent to the governor's office next week. police are searching for the man they say ran up to a
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in daytona beach shores. it happened tuesday afternoon along atlantic avenue. investigators say the 71-year- old victim was walking her dog when the stranger hit her in the head with something and ran off the woman suffered a concussion. rescue teams working in the night to search for victims of a deadly avalanche a branch. francesco students and teachers were on a local resort on the front hours when it struck wednesday. 2 teens every kit -- ukrainian ski year were killed and other students from the group were found. the best hitter say the students may have skewed ahead of their teacher. no word on how many people are said to still be missing. a new bill could help children in florida get healthcare. >> why some families will no longer have to wait years to get healthcare they need for children. check tickets. you could be the winner of the largest powerball jackpot in history. the lucky numbers that made one florida resident rich. midnight, rain is storms move in. severe weather potentials of
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a live look outside of downtown orlando. yes, 1.5 $1.5 billion powerball winner and breaking news, we have just learned from cnn that apparently one of those tickets were sold in florida at a public's in melbourne beach. publix, melbourne beach. we will stay on top of that big story. congratulations. >> a lot to get to. 6:30 am. deneige will look at world prefers brian, a lot of weather on the way. rain some severe. >> we have been talking about this tonight and tomorrow. the threat of some severe weather we will monitor that right now. it is 48 and still chilly. mud -- bundle up is headed to school, grab a jacket.
6:25 am
titusville men's -- mims mayor died and mid beach low 50s 45 clermont. we saw cloudy skies today mainly dry to do the daytime hours 63 at noon. here is the planner, 67 at 2:00, on the cool side a touch warmer than yesterday. 64 at 6:00. after that we will watch the gulf of mexico. almost all painted in the green shading for a small chance of severe weather tonight and tomorrow including a flight risk of a tornado. we will go over the high chance of storms and updating future track on a computer. we will go over that in the half-hour giving you the exact timeframe. 6:31 am. checking traffic with deneige. >> seminole county, i-4 436 altamonte springs traffic headed toward matlen. no issues at this point. typical volume for this time. ucf crash, science drive
6:26 am
no word of if it is blocking lanes in the area but i will let you know if you need alternates. breaking this morning, in the last few minutes we just learned someone in central florida is holding a winning powerball ticket one of 3 winning tickets. >> the ticket will take home one third of the largest jackpot in history. kimberly eiten has been checking in with lottery officials overnight. can really, we found out the winner bought their ticket and brevard county. >> and as you said a few minutes ago cnn is reporting that winning ticket was sold at a publix melbourne beach. a lot of people are probably disappointed if they have not visited the store they will not take home a chunk of the $1.5 billion jackpot but 12 other people in the state are waking up millionaires they say powerball lottery officials say they wind -- won a chunk of the price. the chances of winning are slim
6:27 am
florida turned the bad odds into a fortune. they will take home one third of the $1.5 billion jackpot. the largest and u.s. to history. sharing the payout with at least number 2 other winners one in tennessee and the other in california. the seven11 sold that winning ticket in a los angeles suburb drawing crowds last night. celebrating the 6 lucky numbers that will make one californian rich pierce but in the other number 2 winning state lottery officials have not said which city will claim a new millionaire. or how much they will take on. >> you cannot women if you don't play. you just need one. that's all i have. we caught up with people like and collar and buying their tickets down to the deadline. and flooding the state lottery website to see if it was worth it. a message on the page says it is experiencing a heavy demand for winning numbers. numbers that will make someone
6:28 am
>> this is what the contact information page on the florida website lottery looks like right now. trying to get in touch with officials to ask who the winners are and where the other tickets may have been sold. we will check in an update you live with the latest. live in seminole county, kimberly eiten, eyewitness news this morning. get out your tickets here is another look at the winning powerball numbers. on your 4, screen they are more 8, 19, 27, 34 and powerball 10. we posted the winning numbers online so you can double and trickled check and check your eyesight. go to facebook .com/ wftv. right now the men accused of hitting a 3-year-old and driving away is out of jail. we were there last night as billy gipson walked out of the orange county jail and would not answer questions. he is accused of hitting 3-year- old daniel monsalve a on cyber street and winter garden.
6:29 am
waiting for the ice cream man when this happened. gibson turned himself in the next day to police. yesterday we were there and daniel got a treat he was waiting for when he was hit. bill heard about the story from the ice cream truck driver and he wanted to make sure daniel got his ice cream. he delivered ice cream to daniel at his house. >> great. kids -- cute dcf investigating whether at kindergarten student was properly supervised when he swallowed a tiny pin and was sent to the hospital. the boy's father says his 5- year-old son somehow swallowed a tiny pin inside a classroom and clerical elementary. the school was required to notify dcf about the incident after the student picked up the pin and swallowed it. >> someone needs to explain to me why the pen was accessible to my son and how he ended up in operating room because of this. >> the pen was removed from the
6:30 am
the teacher is in the classroom but under employee relations and dcf investigation. 2 robbery suspects are behind bars and what is -- one is recovering after hold of a to get patient to turn. we told you tuesday when the story broke at the chevron station south cocoa boulevard brevard county. amanda woman demanded cash from the owner of the store at gunpoint and that's when police are the owner pulled a gun of his own and then shot the man. >> the driver of the getaway car was a suspect arrested and they are facing robbery charges. a new audit has found major gaps in the ebola screening process bit at u.s. air force and 40s during the outbreak did you remember during the large ebola outbreak in africa, the u.s. department of homeland security required mandatory health screenings for anyone coming into the country from the affected areas. that outbreak hasn't subsided and some countries like liberia
6:31 am
investigators found that border control officers did not always refer passengers to ebola screening when coming from the countries. >> it confirms fears. one of the things we were talking about in certain areas they did not get it right. >> the conductors of the audit have made 10 recommendations for future safety that the department of homeland security has agreed to comply with. a new bill is making his way through tallahassee to help children of illegal -- of legal immigrants to get access to insurance soon appeared to care proposal eliminating a five- year waiting period. it cleared the first date house benefit supporters say children deserve early access to low- cost medical care because of their parents legal status. >> these kids are not going back. they will stay here but if they have these as any to be taken care of, serious ones like i said earlier, cancer, now we
6:32 am
>> the proposal does not apply to undocumented inquiry -- immigrants. 10 american military members have been released from iranian authorities after they drifted into waters near the country. some say the release is a sign of tensions -- that tensions release between the usn iran and others believe iran has ulterior motives. the video released shows one of the usa lose apologizing for drifting into the territory. the sailors were captured by the iranian navy after the boats had engine trouble. u.s. of those refusing to apologize to iran. women tell me about the potential dangers of the popular new hoverboards for weeks. one-family frompoint say john nearly have their home burned down thanks to a fire sparked. the family says the hoverboard was charging in a bedroom when they heard an explosion and saw the board engulfed in flames. neighbors rushed to help douse the fire with water. no one hurt.
6:33 am
present and this was the first time it was plugged into the charger. in orlando ucf is taking a stand against hoverboards by banning them from campus dorms. the school says the decision comes after rising reports of fires started by hoverboards in an ongoing investigation into the safety by the consumer product safety commission. yesterday the agency told us it is currently investigating 37 reports of hoverboard fires in 19 states. an ohio man who is wanted by police ended up getting caught in florida because his mug shot did not get his good side. >> listen to this. dollop you sent a selfie to police to replace the old mug shot because he did not like it. when the photo went viral, he was recognized and arrested and escambia county florida. he was wanted for failing to appear in court and is a person of interest in other cases. deputies think -- thank you by thing quote how is this photo donald you # thanks for the selfie. >> 6:39 am. we check weather and traffic
6:34 am
>> temperatures are chilly. tonight better chance of rain and storms. mainly dry today. later this evening a slight chance of a shower but tonight and tomorrow when i see you at this time, we will track 60 percent chance of storms and 8 percent chance of a line of showers and storms moving in tomorrow. could be severe. isolated risk. have the weather app. with the forecast and live radar but also alerts tab. if watches are warnings are issues toggled them on or off. over toward the pines would work water bridge temperatures around 47 in orange county chilly lake marion longwood altamonte springs grains crews fern park temperatures upper 40s. 42 now in deland jacket weather and 48 debary and mostly cloudy today cool and highs in the 60s. updated future track and timing out storm threats tonight and tomorrow and the impact to the weekend. 6:40 am deneige.
6:35 am
caribbean beach resort victory way at one of us to drive. partial road block and near ucf science drive, alafaya trail, no word if this is blocking portions of the commute but rescue is out there. the crash in kissimmee on the turnpike an update into minutes. a winning powerball ticket sold here in central florida. coming up on good morning america, what you need to know if you are part of a lottery office pool at work. >> ahead a homeless problem is exploding and volusia county. the deadline leaders face as they look for a solution.. >> reporter: sentenced to death rope likely to face death. breaking down what a recent supreme court ruling could mean
6:36 am
orange county man sentenced to death for killing a teenager to prevent him from testifying in another case is expected to be back in court. janai norman jaws of life. you are working on to find out whether the hearing is tied to the supreme court ruling. death sentence system unconstitutional. >> the hearing for okafor scheduled for 130 this afternoon. we've been following the case against him that landed him on death row along with 400 other florida inmates. >> recent rulings could prove to be okafor saving grace. we were in november when the judge called him the organizer, recruiter and trigger man who killed 19-year-old alex zaldivar and try to kill to others. prosecutors say it was to prevent them from testifying against him in a home invasion trial. at the sentencing hearing, state attorney jeff ashton told eyewitness news this was orange county's first case of a
6:37 am
witness and said that is why the death penalty exists. we know now because the supreme court found florida's death penalty system unconstitutional, the 390 current death row inmates will likely not face death. that could be a disappointment to families like zaldivar's whose father found solace in his son's killers sentenced to death yet i cannot wait for the day that the florida governor signs the document and issues the ward for the man to be executed because i want to be in front of the glass. >> we will watch to see what happens at this afternoon's hearings were okafor bringing you the latest on our wftv news app and tonight starting on eyewitness news at 4 jamie? volusia county man accused of killing his wife and her 2 children will be in court for a pretrial hearing state attorney filed a motion to continue luis toledo's case. the state in tenant to seek the
6:38 am
for toledo if convicted but if they could be changed by the us supreme court ruling. will have more on what is expected to happen in court today in 30 minutes on eyewitness news at 4 on tv 27. volusia county leaders met with hundreds of residents the site to discuss the areas unless present the town hall also involved homeless themselves as well as business owners along beaches street. despite businesses an opinion all looking for solution. >> the criminal homeless are out of control. >> we are actively proactively trying to get these people out of homelessness and i am assuming that is what every one in this room wants. >> the city has 60 days to figure out funding for the safe harbor project and a more permanent solution weather county has a ready committed $4 million. 6:47 am. checking weather and traffic every 10 minutes. we know about the cold temperatures and we can see
6:39 am
attention tonight. >> tonight and tomorrow we will see storms rolling in azimuth 10:00 in southern zones. and rounds. we could see severe weather risk. we will cover that for you. it is chilly. 50 downtown orlando. winds north northeast 7. sunset 550. clouds today and jillian cloudy, 48 toward orlando swinging to sanford. upper 40s 49 titusville through sharps. eau gallie melbourne checking in in the low 50s. a lot of clouds and building yesterday. cloudy skies today and the dry through the daytime which is good if you're working outside. 63 at noon, milder than yesterday. 67 one we had 2:00. future track, 10 am, sun breaks. there's the timeframe. through the afternoon and evening when you see tom terry clouds and tiny chance of
6:40 am
rain is working in 9:00, 10:00. midnight embedded thunderstorms overnight to watch out for signs of rotation. if we have damaging winds we will break in and as needed. risk of showers and storms. the rest of the system comes in late morning, the afternoon tomorrow. watching out for rotation and slight tornado risk over the next 24-36 hours. storms could have went over 50 we could have damaging winds and monitor for lightning. cloudy and 60s today near 7070 southern zones. relatively cool, low average average high is 70 and mostly cloudy. rain storms working tonight isolated severe weather risk we will watch and for tomorrow, not all day event but we will see some rounds of rain and storms in the morning through the early afternoon on our friday. here are changes and lots of them. everything is on track. five-day forecast, where the
6:41 am
between systems on saturday . looking better around 74 but sunday, highlighting a chance for rain working in and that system sunday is going to eventually drag in much colder weather again another central florida winter headed our way. monday morning the 30s and 40s and was trouble to get to 60 degrees monday -- we struggle to get to 60 degrees monday. weather radios and severe weather app co-. more information in the el nio section of 6:50 am. new information was wftv -- deneige. >> slowdown because of this i for westbound this before you would hit derksen drive. one-mile of the slowdown if you are approaching the area. i am working to get information about that. doesn't seem to have a robot the causing congestion. volusia county drivers may have an easier time getting to work now that a major bridge is
6:42 am
knox bridge closed saturday after mechanical malfunctions caused it to be left open so that they could pass through but the drawbridge was fixed and reopened to traffic. search crews stumbled onto an amazing discovery. a piece of history they found on the bottom of the pacific ocean. someone hit the jackpot and brevard county. into the newsroom, where officials say the winning numbers were sold. at 7 am, tv 27, linda woman claims a popular per --
6:43 am
it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you.
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winning tickets were sold in florida, california, and tennessee. everyone wants to know who took home the cash. i'll keep you updated. >> here is another look at those powerball numbers. they are 4, 8, 19, 27, 34, and the powerball is 10. there could be changes with people who buy florida scratch off tickets. they will limit the number of scratch off games you can play. they victimize the citizens. to the story of making money to losing a lot. the asian
6:45 am
of people will watch the markets today after a sign of a rebound. the dow jones plugged 365 points yesterday. driving the decline. chipotle is hoping their out break will be cleared. they are taking additional measurings to make sure food safe and have more indegree i ingredients go through centralized locations. they will force the orlando city soccer team go down.
6:46 am
open in the fall. it won't be ready sun till the start of the 2017 season. officials are in baltimore today for the mls superdraft. many college players will be drafted today. orlando has the 7th pick. they picked the rookie of the year. we are in baltimore this morning. the orlando magic across the bond today with a badly needed win across the waters. games. they should have their starting point guard back today. well, school start times could change for orange county students. business leaders are holding a last september.
6:47 am
center at 4:30. a new bill has been introduced to congress to help cut student loan debt. right now the debt runs $29,000 but congressman derrick hillmer would like to expand pell grants that don't have to be paid. the bill would also double how much the grants are worth to almost $10,000 and make pell grants available to more loan income students. >> this is to make sure students have more opportunity to pursue their dreams. >> the bill may run into resistants from lawmakers concerned about the cost of the grants. since it's federal money it won't be paid back. a search crew made a different discovery this week.
6:48 am
>> this is amazing. take a look at these sonar photos. these were taken off of australia. the ship is likely made of steel and iron and dates from the turn of the 19th century. all right, it's 6:58. we will see changes and you will want to pay attention to those. >>reporter: today a lot of clouds and temperatures will stay in the 60s. tonight we'll see periods of rain and storms tonight and tomorrow. we have been be talking about that all week long. with that an isolated severe weather threat. we'll look for possibly damaging winds. have our free weather app with you. saturday looking better. sunday another chance of rain. that system sunday will bring in much colder weather. on monday we'll struggle to get into the
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